Service On Purpose: The Intentional Plan, Step 1: Know Thy Customer

Creating an Intentional Plan to Provide Service on Purpose

Who is your customer, REALLY?

Step 1: Know Thy Customer

Every company wants to provide great service, but when your competition is everywhere your customer does business, how do you know what a great experience looks like for YOUR customer?

In my last post, I told you that great service doesn’t happen by accident. I think this quote from IBM’s Bridget van Kranlingen sets the context for this:


“The last best experience anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experiences they want everywhere”

It’s important to have a solid understanding of who your customer is and what they want, especially if they are comparing their experience with your business to one in an entirely different industry!

Knowing who your customer actually is can be tricky. Business owners often think their customer is like them. The truth is that is rarely the case. In most cases, the best way to know who your customer will be in the future, is to look at the past.

First, take a look at the customers that have engaged your services, purchased your product or shopped in your store. A lot of the data needed to do this is at your fingertips already. You can use technology to find demographics data from your credit card processing and view website traffic from a monitoring source like Google Analytics. And if technology is not your thing, even some structured observation of incoming phone calls, emails and customer walk-ins can tell a great story.

Next, learn as much as you can about what your customer wants and expects. For example, if your customer base is under 30, they will likely expect online or digital methods of interacting and doing business. More information about demographics and their customer experience expectations can be found online. A customer survey can also be very interesting and would likely lead to the very best insights.

When you have the information about your customer- WRITE IT DOWN. Be prepared to adapt and change over time.

Next time… Step 2 – The Customer Journey: Ensuring your Product Meets Your Customer’s Expectations

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