Service on Purpose: Ensuring Loyalty by Design

Service on Purpose: Ensuring Loyalty by Design

Ashley Davies, Owner and Principal Consultant of ABLEx Consultants, a company that helps businesses provide excellent service to their customers

Ashley Davies, Owner and Principal Consultant of ABLEx Customer Experience Consultants presents ‘Service On Purpose: Ensuring Loyalty By Design’ at the annual RI Assisted Living Association (RIALA) Conference

I had the opportunity to be the customer service topic presenter at the annual conference of the RI Assisted Living Association last week. It was a fantastic experience. What a great group of people!

The presentation topic, Service on Purpose: Ensuring Loyalty By Design, is central to the foundation of my new business, ABLEx Customer Experience Consultants. The mission of ABLEx Consultants is to help businesses create a customer experience strategy that bolsters their ability to acquire and maintain loyal customers and gain referrals. I’m thrilled to be able to translate my many years of experience designing and implementing customer experience strategy into helping as many businesses as possible learn how to WOW their customers.

So, what is Service On Purpose?

In short, a great customer experience doesn’t happen consistently by accident. Well known companies such as Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and Ritz Carlton prove that the only true way to a customer’s loyalty is by having a solid strategy. Every company wishes to provide an excellent customer experience. In fact, most companies include those words, or similar ones, in their marketing materials and even on their telephone hold message. BUT, what is an ‘excellent customer experience?’ The truth is that there is no-sure fire formula or template. Each business and each of it’s customers are unique. That’s why a unique strategy for customer Service must be formed On Purpose.

Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to share some of my proven methodology in my blog. The blog will consist of six installments. The components I will outline in each installment make up a successful customer experience strategy and will help any business ensure the loyalty of their customers:

  1. Create an Intentional Plan
  2. Hire and Retain Excellent Employees
  3. Measure Progress
  4. Hold Yourself and Your Team Accountable
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Interate
  6. Celebrate Success

Stay tuned in coming weeks for more details. I look forward to sharing more with you!



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